Flex Metal Gel Coats

Flex Metal Gel Coats


Jesmonite Flex Metal Gel Coats

Jesmonite Flex Metal Gel Coats are the latest development in Jesmonite materials.

They are formulated using real metal powder to create the ultimate replication of metal in moulded materials. There are four finishes available and they are fully compatible with AC730 and AC830 as a cast or laminated back up.

Product benefits:

Real metallic finishes
Solvent free & no VOC’s
Looks and feels like metal
Easy to use

Available in:
Bronze, Brass, Copper, and Silver Bronze.
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FLEX METAL LIQUIDS (click here for technical data sheets)


Jesmonite® Flex Metal Liquids are supplied to be used with Flex Metal Base. Flex Metal Liquids are designed to work in a number of ways. The liquids function as a thick resin medium that keeps the heavier Flex Metal Base in suspension – the key to making the system work. They act as a curing membrane to ensure that the cement component of Flex Metal Base hydrates fully, thus reaching full strength and durability. They also provide a degree of extra ductility due to the flexible and highly water resistant pure acrylic resin used. Additional benefits are reduced porosity, and increased frost resistance.


Utilises Jesmonites unique Flex Resin technology to create the first and only water based metallic gel coat system.

Metals can be infinitely mixed and pigmented to further expand the palette of finishes.

Ex-mould surfaces can be polished with fine grades of wire wool to reveal the metal powders by hand or polishing machinery can be used with our metallic polishing heads. (Available on request)

Metallic surfaces can be waxed, sealed or have a patina applied just like real metal.


Improved flexural strength and stability.

Excellent abrasion resistance and impact strength.

High compressive and tensile strength.

Rapid curing and high early strength gain.

Increased ductility/flexibility.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Flex Metal - Colour/Finish

Brass, Bronze, Copper, Silver Bronze

Flex Metal Kit Size

13Kg Kit, 3.25Kg Kit, 650g Kit


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