Jesmonite AC100 / AC200 / AC300 Acrylic Sealer

Jesmonite AC100 / AC200 / AC300 Acrylic Sealer


This is a general purpose, clear acrylic sealer designed for use on all Jesmonite composite materials. It is particularly suited to our acrylic composites AC100, AC200 & AC300, where it will provide prolonged external surface durability, whilst retaining the key attribute of flexibility that is sympathetic to the natural thermal and moisture movement of Jesmonite. It can be diluted, and pigments can be added to create colour washes to apply effects such as aging to the surface of Jesmonite objects. It has a predicted external maintenance schedule of 6 – 10 years dependent upon severity of exposure.

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Acrylic Sealer is a pure acrylic coating for AC100. It is durable, flexible, and UV resistant. The
formulation has been improved to make the material more Matt in appearance and easier
to apply by brush or spray. Dependent upon prevailing conditions, products sealed with Acrylic
Sealer will require re-coating at 6 –10 year intervals. It is also compatible with AC300, however it
would not provide the same level of external protection.

We recommend that two coats of Acrylic Sealer should be applied onto low porosity surfaces such
as AC100, with the first coat being diluted with 10 – 20% water. Diluting the first coat will aid the
chemical bond of the Acrylic Sealer onto the material surface. The second coat is applied once the
first coat is touch-dry. Do not allow first coat to dry completely before applying the second coat. In
principle the application of several thin coats is preferable to one thick coat.
Acrylic Sealer should be applied with a high quality brush or with a clean high quality dense foam
roller evenly across the surface. Ensure that all surfaces are clean, dry, and free from any grease
or oil.
Acrylic Sealer can also be diluted with water and pigmented using Jesmonite Paste Pigments to
create colour washes to add a patina or to age casts.

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