Jesmonite AC200 Liquids, Powders and Kits

Jesmonite AC200 Liquids, Powders and Kits



JESMONITE AC200 liquids & Powders

Jesmonite AC200 is a water-based composite material which is ideally suited to making masters and prototypes prior to moulding. It sets to a hard but easily carved surface and can be shaped using a variety of tools including CNC, routers, chisels etc.

Products benefits:
  • Water-based, solvent free, No VOC’s
  • Excellent carved detail
  • Easy tooling and sanding
  • Ideal to coat polystyrene & model board

  • Provides an adaptable, mouldable carving medium that is safe and easy to use for all modelling and prototyping applications.
  • Retains excellent edge detail and dimensional stability.
  • No degradation of polystyrene (EPS) substrates thus releasing the full potential of EPS as a lightweight and cheap means to large scale sculpture and masters.
  • Works as an excellent machinable adhesive for EPS & PU model boards.

Available in : Pack sizes range from 1kg up to 1,000kg bulk. See the product list for the full range of ancillary materials compatible with AC200.

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Jesmonite® AC200 is a water-based, two-component, acrylic polymer/mineral resin system.

The material is formulated for making masters and prototypes for moulding and sets to a hard but easily carved surface finish. The hardened material can then be machined or shaped using a variety of tools including CNC machines, routers, rasps, chisels etc., and can then be finished with sandpaper prior to moulding.

The master can then be moulded using a rubber moulding compounds. AC200 is also an excellent adhesive for polystyrene, PU tooling board, and styrofoam board.


Mix ratio 2:1 parts Base to Liquids ratio by weight

Wet density 1845Kg/m3

Dry density 1745 Kg/M3

Initial set 15 – 20 minutes (18°C, No Retarder)

Expansion on set 0.15%


The material can be used to produce hand-carved and CNC’d masters and prototypes. It also works as a machining surface and adhesive for foam boards.


Solvent free – No VOC’s

Easily carved and machined

Does not degrade polystyrene


Liquids are supplied in 1kg, and 25kg canisters, Base in 5kg and 25kg buckets and 25kg Valve Sacks.

Bulk IBC/FIBC supply available on request.


As a basic rule liquid containers should be kept well sealed to prevent water evaporation and skin forming.

They should be stored at a constant temperature between 5 – 25°C and used within six months.

Freezing must be avoided.

Base should be kept dry and stored at 5 – 25°C.

The above information and recommendations are based upon our experience and are offered merely for advice. They are offered in good faith but without guarantee, as conditions and methods of use are beyond our control. It is the responsibility of the end user to determine the suitability of the materials for the particular purpose intended.

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Jesmonite AC200 liquids & kits

12.5Kg AC200 Liquid, 12.5Kg AC200 Liquid & 25Kg powder kit, 1Kg AC200 Liquid, 1Kg AC200 Liquid & 2Kg Powder Kit, 25Kg AC200 Liquid, 25Kg AC200 Liquid & 50Kg powder kit, 2Kg AC200 Liquid, 2Kg AC200 Liquid & 4Kg powder kit, 5Kg AC200 Liquid, 5Kg AC200 Liquid & 10Kg Powder kit


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