Reinforcements (Quadaxial Fabric / Chopped Strands)

Reinforcements (Quadaxial Fabric / Chopped Strands)


Quadaxial Glass / Chopped Strands

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When using Jesmonite AC730 please select 13mm chopped strands.



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Quadaxial Glass
This type of glass reinforcement is tailor made for use with Jesmonite. It is based on the latest multiaxial glass reinforcement technology, which makes Jesmonite fibreglass laminates light, strong and fire resistant. It is constructed like a lace, with continuous glass strands in four axis (multiaxial) stitched together using the fireproof material Nomex®.

There are very few free filaments, making the glass safe and comfortable to use. It can be accurately cut using scissors or roller cutters, and will conform to even the most complex shapes. This makes it especially suitable to mould making and panel construction.

Please note that fibreglass matting (CSM) for use with solvent-based resins such as polyester is not suitable for use with Jesmonite materials.

For more info click here and look for the data sheet entitled “Jesmonite AC730 user guide 2014”

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Chopped Strand 13mm x 1Kg, Chopped Strand 13mm x 20Kg, Chopped Strand 13mm x 5Kg, Chopped Strand 4.5mm x 1Kg, Chopped Strand 4.5mm x 20Kg, Chopped Strand 4.5mm x 5Kg, Chopped Strand 6mm x 1Kg, Chopped Strand 6mm x 20Kg, Chopped Strand 6mm x 5Kg, Quadaxial Matting 100m x 1.25m (125.00m Square), Quadaxial Matting 10m x 1.25m (12.5m Square), Quadaxial Matting 1m x 1.25m (1.25m Square), Quadaxial Matting 20m x 1.25m (25.00m Square), Quadaxial Matting 5m x 1.25m (6.25m Square)


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