RTV Silicone Thixo



This RTV Silicone Thixotrope can be used along with any of the RTV silicone rubbers that we stock.

The catalysed silicone rubber mixture will be made non flowable by the addition of XIAMETER® RTV-3011 Thixo Additive.

Add just 1 to 3% by weight of XIAMETER RTV-3011 Thixo Additive to the catalysed silicone ( any more and you’re just wasting it ! ). A little goes a long way!

Mix thoroughly until a paste consistency is reached.

The rubber can now be used to coat vertical surfaces without run-off and wastage. It can also be “piped” through a bag to create seams for a multi part case. Voids and cavitites in the mould can be filled in using rubber with thixo additive.

Be aware that the Thixo is solid at room temperature ( lard like consistency ). It can be be made liquid by the application of gentle heat. Try putting the container in pan of hot water or rest it on top of a radiator. After a few minutes the material will be liquid and pourable.

All in all, an essential material for the mouldmaker!

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